5 Trends in Voluntary Benefits that Employees want to “subscribe” to

netflix 3For those Netflix customers who are familiar with those big red envelopes that arrive in the mail right on “queue”, here’s a “new release”. Yep, on any given evening people curl up to see the “series” of movies and programs they missed through traditional outlets, but they may notice that voluntary enrollment programs are similar in nature. “Picture it”, voluntary enrollment allows employees to “subscribe” to an insurance package that’s attractive to their “diverse” demands. And there isn’t just a focus on age, sex and “streams” of income. The “user’s preferences” are considered, so the package suits the individual and their household. This should explain why employees are opting to continue with the program. It’s getting “rave reviews!”

Due to recent trends, voluntary enrollment no longer has to be a “House of Cards” for employees. Now the employee has an array of options to “browse” through. They’re notified of “recently added” benefits and have great “features” included in their package for financial health, physical improvement and technology enabled education. In addition, the employee is allowed to “search” benefit portals and access enrollment platforms, so they can “binge” on all of the educational information available.

“Spoiler Alert!” At Achieve Financial Group, we’d like to share 5 trends you can “watch instantly” happening in voluntary enrollment:

  1. Customizable packages – Insurance packages are becoming more tailored to each individuals needs based on their lifestyle patterns.  We find a fit for each employee!
  2. Financial education – Information is provided on financial resources, financial counseling, budgeting.  We have 24/7 educational videos on client websites, and AFG is always ready to host a financial workshop for your group!
  3. Wearable wellness devices – Employees in wellness programs are encouraged to wear these devices (ie Fitbits) to increase employee engagement.  Have fun getting in shape.
  4. Data analysis –  Analytics are used to enhance voluntary benefits, so the group package can accommodate individual needs
  5. Benefit portals and enrollment platforms – Easy access is offered to educate employees on the options that are available for the diverse needs of employees available 24/7.  Your custom benefits website is quick and easy with AFG!

There you have it!  Employees can avoid the “drama” of the one-size-fits-all approach as it relates to voluntary enrollment. They can feel more comfortable signing up and because it serves their individual needs, they won’t “press pause” on the program. These 5 trends “rate 5 stars” and should show that voluntary enrollment is a system that keeps on improving.  All employees have to do now is “press play”.   To Read more… http://www.benefitspro.com/2015/12/21/2016-forecast-5-trends-in-voluntary-benefits

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