What You Should Consider Before Purchasing Benefits Administration Software   

“Hey Mickey! Don’t be so Mousy!” Now, you may be a big cheese at your new theme park, but you won’t speak up and choose the best Benefits Administration System software to manage your employee benefits. What gives? Look, we don’t want to rat you out, but maybe you’ve been spending too much time taking goofy selfies with your main girl Minnie. Dude, you need to get out of her mousetrap and handle your business.

Now, before you try to duck this task and hightail it out of there, we, at Achieve Financial, are going to ride the monorail to space mountain to help you select the right Benefits Administration System software. Just use these 5 pillars to make sure it fits your business needs like a white glove.

  1. Support and Services – Look for great customer support with great security features. We offer 24/7 service in English and Spanish to meet your needs when you need us most.
  2. Features and Functionality – Make sure all of the lines of business and any future lines can be handled. The software should have an updated user interface, use the latest and greatest technology and be compliant with HIPAA and efficient security measures. Our software platform supports over 400 ISDs in Texas! We are the gold standard.
  3. Total Cost of Ownership – Make sure you’re aware of all associated fees like set up fees, annual fees, per employee a month fees, change fees and service fees. We get you the lowest cost with the best benefits.
  4. Corporate Vision and Roadmap – The software should meet your current and future needs. If the company is investing in research and design, then you should consider using this software. We are constantly upgrading features and reporting to Make Your Benefits Easy!
  5. Vendor Viability and Longevity – The company should have strong funding, be profitable, have years of experience with the software and maintain a strong customer base. Our software has supported Texas Schools since 1975.

So, Mick, you’ve learned the trick! In fact, we’re sure that we’ve illustrated the most effective way to pick your Benefits Administration System software. How does your provider stack up? Achieve Financial Group has all of these benefits and more! Call us today so you can return to your Magic Kingdom smiling from ear to ear singing zip pee dee doo dah, zip pee dee ay!  #AchieveMore in 2018!

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