5 Challenges That Baby Boomers Should Be Aware of When They Retire

Why Baby Boomers Have a Difficult Time With Retirement

“Hey there Boo Boo-mers!” Your pal Yogi Bear got caught swiping picnic baskets again and now Ranger Smith wants him to retire. What a forest fiasco! Well Yogi, don’t be a snagglepuss. It was inevitable. Baby boomers like you are retiring everyday. Unfortunately, they get lost in the woods, because they’re ill-prepared. Gosh Yogi! You should know this. Aren’t you supposed to be smarter than the average bear!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to take a trip to Jellystone Park. We’ll meet you and your girl, Cindy, by the pond, so we can give you some stats on why baby boomers face so many challenges before retirement. Now, we know you can get hot under the collar, so just chill and hear us out.

  1. 59% rely heavily on Social Security
  2. 45% have no retirement savings
  3. 30% have postponed their retirement plans
  4. 30% stopped contributing to their retirement plans
  5. 54% have a lot of debt.

Alright Yogi, quit the crazy shenanigans and get your retirement plan together. Before you leave your camp site and hit the retirement road, remember you can maximize your social security benefits, work until you’re 70 to increase your benefits by 8% and invest in stocks. Now that deserves a big bear hugs!  #AchieveMore

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