Simple Ways to Have an Easy and Enjoyable Post Career Life

“This Grouch has got to GO!” Look Oscar, the Sesame Street Council is fed up with your garbage, and they want you to retire soon.  Come on, you’ve been talkin’ trash for decades, so it’s no wonder that all you have saved is scraps, litter and rubble.   In fact, you’ve been griping and grumping for so many years, you forgot to put a retirement plan in place. Wow, what a waste!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to visit your metal can and help you clean up your mess. We’ll help you to begin some practices that will place you in a situation that’s similar to retirement.  Now, don’t look so grim. These hobbies will make it an easier transition:

  1. Develop a series of behaviors that will give you a balanced lifestyle.   It will allow you a way to maintain a life of work and relaxation, which will give you a slight glimpse into what life will be like when you retire.
  2. Visit places that you may want to retire to.  Whether it’s Florida or Vermont, you’ll know where you would like to relocate.
  3. Explore interests that allow you to maintain your living expenses, while still giving you a chance to continue building your retirement nest egg.
  4. Rent a condo or vacation in a variety of locations prior to retiring.   From this sampling, you’ll know what communities suit you best.

Alright Oscar,  you can put your money where your big mouth is and implement the tips we gave you.   Then, you can look forward to a very fresh and neat retirement.  #AchieveMore

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