Ways to Save When You Make Purchases This Holiday Season

“Joy to the Wallet!” Well, that’s not what Santa’s elves are saying. Nope. Can you believe that their pockets aren’t all that deep this year? They put in a lot of overtime hours at the workshop and management is still toying around with their checks. Do these guys have a union? And do they know how to save money during the holidays? As it stands, these guys don’t even get an employee discount. Ooh, that’s cold!

Well, we at Achieve Financial Group will be rockin around the Christmas Tree with the Little Drummer Boy. We all spent some time in the studio and wrote a new song entitled “The 12 Days of Saving” It’s already a YuleTube hit and it can really help North Pole factory workers line their pockets with more cash this season. The lyrics go a little something like this…..

  1. Create a budget – Decide how much you’ll spend by establishing a general spending cap.
  2. Track your spending – Separate holiday spending from everyday spending.
  3. Cut back on the extras – Avoid splurging on unnecessary luxuries.
  4. Use the “Secret Santa” method – Avoid the stress of buying everyone a gift.
  5. Choose less expensive traditions – You can gather at a family member’s house instead of planning a family vacation.
  6. Do a potluck dinner – Ask everyone to bring a dish to cut down on food expenses.
  7. Make sure it’s a real sale – Comparison shop to be sure you’re really saving money on the items that you’re buying.
  8. Stop shopping when your list is finished.
  9. Use cash  – If you go overboard with credit card purchases, it’s best to use money and not plastic.
  10. Send e-cards – Avoid spending money on postage.
  11. Budget your time for shopping – Last minute purchases could cost you plenty.
  12. Get ahead – Start paying off credit card purchases right after the holidays.

Jingle Elves Rock! That’s right! Our bell collar friends have joined our Winter Wonder Band and it’s been music to their bank accounts. They’re saving money and they’re having a jolly good time. Who knew a little mistletune could bring so much good cheer!

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