Count Draculaugh!” Ha! It’s funny how the Prince of Darkness still thinks he’s the scariest thing out there. Sure, he’s been a pain in the neck for centuries, but it’s retirement that really has folks on edge. Why? Because for some it drains the life out of their savings and sucks any sense of financial security.

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to Transylvania and explain to this vampire why retirement is so scary. First of all, you can’t throw garlic and a stake through its heart to conquer it.  It takes some serious financial weapons to survive retirement. You need enough savings to support yourself for several years, which is the biggest challenge for retirees. We’ll run down about 10 problems that make retirement so frightening:

  1. Senior bankruptcy rates are soaring.
  2. Americans losing sleep over retirement.
  3. Women’s retirement savings have to last longer.
  4. Women are trailing in retirement savings.
  5. Most are afraid they don’t have enough saved.
  6. A third of Americans have zero saved for retirement.
  7. Seniors will spend an almighty amount on health care costs.
  8. Employees are failing to get full employer matching funds.
  9. The average age at retirement is 62.
  10. Social Security benefits could be cut.

Alright Drac in the box, it’s almost daylight and there’s a coffin somewhere with your name on it. Go ahead and get some shuteye, while we’re Van HELPing employees transform their fear to more funds in their savings accounts. Then soon they’ll know that the idea of having a comfortable retirement is not dead.   #AchieveMore

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