10 Reasons Why Your School Needs an Athletic Trainer

Skills Athletic Trainers Have that Make Them More Qualified to Treat Athletes

“Beep, Beep!” Hey, Wile E Coyote! You’re never going to catch that bird. Road Runner is the fastest sprinter on the track team over at Desert high school. In fact, every one of your attempts results in you getting squashed, burnt or flattened at the bottom of a canyon. Dude, you are a hot mess! No matter what you do, that bird manages to hit the ground running, without so much as a scratch. It’s because he has an athletic trainer that can help him prevent injuries during sporting activities. It looks like you need one too. Besides, how many concussions and broken bones are you willing to get? You must be looney tunes!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to give you a few reasons why you need an athletic trainer at your school:

1.  professionally trained healthcare providers and specially educated to work with athletes
2.  life-saving skills like CPR and can treat broken bones, neck injuries and cardiopulmonary
3.  educated to recognize and manage concussions
4.  log in hundreds of hours, so they’ll have tons of experience before they treat your athletes
5.  make informed decisions based on the best interest of the student athlete
6.  certified and regulated in most states
7.  work with other medical and athletic personnel
8.  can prevent future injuries
9.  support the student-athlete’s sports aspirations
10. the school can be a liability risk without certified trainers

Okay, Mr. Coyote. This is probably going to crush you like a boulder, but you need to give up on your prey. He’ll leave you in the dust every time. So, cancel your next ACME order and petition for an athletic trainer for your school.  That’s all folks!

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