10 Reasons Athletic Trainers are Important for a School Staff

Athletic Trainer Expertise Prevents Injuries and Saves Lives

“D’oh!” Okay, Simpsons, don’t have a cow, but prankster Bart has finally pulled back on the shenanigans with that hot mess of a bar owner Moe. Yup, Bart has gotten older, matured a little and joined the high school baseball team. This is for real; we’re not Krusty the Clown-ing around; Bart doesn’t want to turn out like his bumbling father. However, he’ll need to attend a school that has an athletic trainer that will help treat injuries early enough to avoid long term effects, while he’s hitting those Homer-runs.

Now, Marge you’ve got to admit, your son will never be an alleged genius like his sister Lisa. So, let baseball be his pacifier. Just make sure there’s an athletic trainer who can correctly follow the return-to-play protocol. This is absolutely necessary to safely clear the athlete to return to the field…Hmmmm.

We, at Achieve Financial Group are going to hop on our skateboards and ride to Springfield to give you 10 reasons why it’s so important to have an athletic trainer on staff:

1. They are a healthcare professional who is specifically trained to help diagnose, treat and prevent sports injuries in various settings
2. They will know the athlete’s usual abilities and personality
3. They will adhere to a code of ethics and administer holistic care
4. They can do daily follow-up until an athlete is able to compete
5. Costs for schools can lessen by having an athletic trainer on-site
6. An athletic trainer is perfectly suited and trained for return-to-play protocol and other healthcare emergencies
7. They help to make incidents less likely to occur
8. Athletic trainers have the authority to cancel practice if the heat index is too dangerous
9. Athletic trainers are professionally trained to save athletes with external defibrillators in a school setting
10. Athletic trainers make sure that athletes are prepared for competitions and practice

Excellent! So, Marge what d’ya say? Before you go and get your blue beehive tightened down at the beauty shop, can you make a call to Springfield High to find out if they have athletic trainers? Otherwise, Bart’s high school Maggie-nificent athletic life could be blown to Smithers-reens!

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