You only have 45 minutes to spare for a workout. By the time you change your clothes, get outside or to the gym, and get moving, it’s really more like half an hour of sweat equity, though. Is it really worth the effort and energy if you can’t invest a full hour?

The short answer: absolutely! It’s a myth that there’s some magic at the 60-minute mark when benefits start kicking in. In fact, many experts believe that the the one hour workout is obsolete. Even just 10 minutes of movement can go a long way toward burning calories, strengthening muscle and improving cardiovascular health.

“Workouts are getting shorter, because people are getting very efficient with their time these days,” says Ashley Pitt, trainer and fitness blogger. “One-hour workouts might stick around for classes and studios, but I think we will see the addition of 45-minute and 30-minute shorter sessions. You can get a lot done in that timeframe.” The key is maximizing your time, even if you only have a little to spare. Get the most out of your every workout minute—whether you have five minutes or 50.   #AchieveMore for your health!   Check out our low priced health plans!


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