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Safety Tips for Teen Student Athletes to Avoid Injury

Hey Little Boy Blue! Uh, don’t you mean little boy black and blue? This kid finally decided to stop sleeping on the job and join the football team. Yup! He’s been blowing his horn about it all over the prairie. But, the other day he almost had a cow when his coach tried to give him some sports safety tips.

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10 Reasons Athletic Trainers are Important for a School Staff

Athletic Trainer Expertise Prevents Injuries and Saves Lives “D’oh!” Okay, Simpsons, don’t have a cow, but prankster Bart has finally pulled back on the shenanigans with that hot mess of a bar owner Moe. Yup, Bart has gotten older, matured a little and joined the high school baseball team. This is for real; we’re not Krusty the Clown-ing around; Bart

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How Counselors Help With Athletic and Academic Students Bound For College

“O Counselor, Counselor. Wherefore art thou O Counselor?” Cool, Romeo and Juliet worked out that whole Montague and Capulet dispute. Yup, those family street brawls are squashed for good. Well, actually, the two clans got their tights all twisted after they were feud shamed on Twitter, so that was that. At least “Romiet” can focus on getting a counselor to

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How to Prepare High School Student-Athletes for College

The Important Role for Parents and the Best Steps to Take with Their Children “Jumpin’ Jiminy!” Pinocchio has become an athlete! Ever since he got his ‘real boy‘ status, he’s been down to do what his other homeboys do, like go to high school and join a sports team. Now he’s playing baseball and catching a cricket game on the

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5 Reasons Why High School Athletes Perform Well Academically

Sports Can Give Students a “Fresh” Start at Getting Better Grades and Graduating. “It’s not Unusual.….” to be a high school athlete and earn a few more A+s than non-athletes that yell “Yo, Sports smell ya later”. Just ask the Fresh Prince. We all know the story – on the basketball court is where he spends most of his days.

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10 Reasons Why Your School Needs an Athletic Trainer

Skills Athletic Trainers Have that Make Them More Qualified to Treat Athletes “Beep, Beep!” Hey, Wile E Coyote! You’re never going to catch that bird. Road Runner is the fastest sprinter on the track team over at Desert high school. In fact, every one of your attempts results in you getting squashed, burnt or flattened at the bottom of a

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Money for your school: CDC Grants for Development and Evaluation of Sports Concussion Prevention Strategies

CDC recently released funding opportunity RFA-CE-17-002: Development and Evaluation of Sports Concussion Prevention Strategies. Development and Evaluation of Sports Concussion Prevention Strategies This opportunity will provide recipients with resources and support to develop and pilot test a new intervention, or rigorously evaluate an existing intervention, in order to advance the prevention of concussions among young athletes participating in youth sports

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“X” Marks The Sport! Certified Athletic Trainers Are Heroes

“X” Marks The Sport! Certified Athletic Trainers Are Heroes:   What Makes Them So Special and Great For Our Student Athletes. “Stand back! The claws are coming out!” Listen up student athletes! The X-men have been alerted that there has been an increase in injuries with high school and college sports. Don’t fret! Magneto hasn’t gone rogue. But, more students are

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Football Players Can Stay Cool with Athletic Insurance That Rocks

Football Players Can Stay Cool with Athletic Insurance That Rocks:  Why Possible Concussions Should Prompt High School Football Players to Get Athletic Insurance “Wop baba lumop a wap bam boom!” Hey you crazy kids at Rydell High! Principal McGee and Coach Calhoun have just announced that the big football game this Saturday may be missing its star player Danny Zuko.

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N.F.L.-Backed Youth Program Says It Reduced Concussions. The Data Disagrees.

N.F.L.-Backed Youth Program Says It Reduced Concussions. The Data Disagrees – In a NY TIMES article recently:  As increasing numbers of parents keep their children from playing tackle football for safety reasons, the National Football League and other groups have sought to reassure them that the game is becoming less dangerous. No initiative has received more backing and attention than

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